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Support Services in IT Carlow

Your student services – Read them, know them, use them!

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Hi there!
Thanks for clicking + MORE, you and I are going to get on just fine! Are you aware that the greatest sign of strength is doing whatever it takes to look after yourself? That’s physically, mentally and spiritually. In college, there are several services to help you in these areas. Read them, know them and spread the good word! Viva la revolution!
Nothing says stress relief like working out, joining a club or society, staying  healthy and eating well.
Gym: Memberships are €60 for the entire year (discounts after Christmas)
Clubs & Socs: €2 to join, and over 60 to choose from! Just enquire at the Sports Department in the Barrow Centre
Staying Healthy: Feeling sick? Call down to the student nurse in Student Services and get seen to, or you can make an appointment through her for the doctor. Medical card holders are free, otherwise it’s only €10 to be seen to
Eating Well: You need a well balanced and nutritious diet to keep the body ticking over nicely! Check out SpunOut for some great hints & tips!
–> http://spunout.ie/health/article/cheap-and-healthy-eating-tips
College is a time of highs and lows. Enjoy the highs and share the lows. No man is an island, you know!

General Enquiries: Contact Student Services for a comprehensive and caring service to help you to achieve your full academic and personal potential. Contact Student Services by email at studentservices@itcarlow.ie

Representation & Student Issues: For all questions and problems regarding welfare, education, entertainment, finances, grants and anything else that is affecting you, call into the Students’ Union or email admin_su@itcarlow.ie for more information. You can also call in to see the full-time officers about any of the above!

Worries: We have two excellent counsellors, Kevin and Rita, to tackle all your worries, whether academic or personal. Email for an appointment at counselling@itcarlow.ie and feel free to request either male or female counsellor.
This service is FREE (woo!)
Disabilities: Aisling McHugh in Student Services is our Access Officer, who is your go-to point for information and help regarding disabilities and access enquiries.
Email her at aisling.mchugh@itcarlow.ie
College can be a time of great personal growth and learning. It can also come with hard times and grievances.
Challenging Times & Hardship: Hardship is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean we are always prepared for it. Email counselling@itcarlow.ie for an appointment with Kevin or Rita, our excellent and friendly counsellors or call down to Student Services to make an appointment. You won’t regret it
Chaplaincy: Father Martin Smith offers possibilities of exploring your spiritual side, making friends and facing the basic human question, what’s it all about? You can also follow this link for more information on different religions’ prayer times throughout the week
–> http://www.itcarlow.ie/life-at-itc/student-services/chaplaincy.htm
Contact Father Martin at martin.smith@itcarlow.ie for more information
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