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Dublin City University

Support Services in DCU

Sport & Recreation Service

Sports facilities, programmes and acadamic courses.

DCU is home to one of the most developed sporting structures of any University and boasts some of the finest sports facilities, sports programmes and academic courses in the country. The Sport & Recreation Service, as part of the Student Affairs team is responsible for the development of student sport. They continually strive to ensure that the appropriate pathways are in place to allow students to develop and succeed in sport at whatever level they wish to participate.

T: (01) 700 6041 or (01) 700 5811
E: sport.recreation@dcu.ie
Location: Henry Grattan

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The Registry

Admissions, registration, change of modules, transcripts, ID cards, confirmation of attendance, grant cheques, withdrawals, deferrals and much much more.

The Registry should be your first point of contact if you wish to discuss matters such as information on admissions and registration, change of module options, transcripts, replacement ID cards and letters confirming attendance; local authority grant cheques, withdrawals and deferrals, stamping welfare/visa forms, examination appeals, graduation and ID card audits. If you are on campus, you can visit the Student Information Area in the registry for help.

T: (01) 700 5338
E: registry@dcu.ie
Location: Henry Grattan
Opening Hours
Mon – 9.30 – 12.30 & 14.00 – 17.00
Tues – 9.30 – 12.30 & 14.00 – 17.00
Wed – 9.30 – 12.30 & 14.00 – 17.00
Thur – 9.30 – 12.30 & 14.00 – 17.00
Fri – 9.30 – 12.30 & 14.00 – 17.00

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Personal Tutor System

For support, advice and guidance.

The objective of this system is to develop a close relationship between individual students and lecturers, so that academic staff will be a source of support, advice and guidance for the students during their period in the University. On entry to the programme, each student is assigned to a Personal Tutor, who is available for consultation on academic and related matters. If for any reason you do not meet your personal tutor at orientation, or you are unaware of who he or she is, you can find the name and location of your Personal Tutor from the student portal on the DCU website.


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For all your academic needs.

Students registered with DCU are automatically members of the Library. As well as checking out books on short and long term loans, you can also use the library for photocopying, printing, study areas, collaborative study rooms and more.

T: (01) 700 5212
E: library@dcu.ie

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INTRA Office

For the experience of a real work environment.

Most courses in DCU offer an INTRA placement as part of your degree. INTRA gives you the chance to experience a real work environment before you graduate. For many students this opportunity is one of the main reasons for choosing to study at DCU. INTRA should help you to make decisions about your future career. It will also allow an employer to see you at work and assess you as a potential employee.

T: (01) 700 5422
Location: CG29, Henry Grattan

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The International Office

Helping students feel at home in DCU.

The aim of the international office is to help international students to feel at home here in DCU. They offer advice and support on various topics including accommodation, working in Ireland, immigration regulations, English language requirements and exchange programmes. They also offer Irish students advice on studying abroad and can provide information on universities across the world.

T: (01) 700 7411
E: international.office@dcu.ie
Location: Henry Grattan

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Health Service

Quality primary health care and education about healthy lifestyles.

The Student Health Service provides students with quality primary health care and education about healthy lifestyles. The Health Service runs daily Doctor’s Surgeries Monday-Friday during semester time (by appointment only) as well as an open door nursing service and various other services. The Health Service is open during the following times: 9.15am – 12.45pm and 2pm – 5pm.

T: (01) 700 5143
E: paula.harrison@dcu.ie
Location: CG13, Henry Grattan

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Financial Assistance

Tackling educational disadvantage.

The Student Assistance Fund is operated by Student Affairs and is aimed at tackling educational disadvantage by providing financial support. The fund is open to full-time students with special consideration to undergraduate students with financial difficulties.

T: (01) 700 5165
E: celine.geraghty@dcu.ie (information)

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Fees Office

Fees, fees schemes and fee payments.

The Fees Department handles programme fees for all students. If you have a query regarding your fees, the free fees scheme or the payment of fees, then you should contact the fees office.

T: (01) 700 8836
E: fees@dcu.ie
Location: Ground Floor, Business Building

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Equality Office

Ensuring fairness, respect and dignity.

The Equality Office is there to ensure that all staff and students are treated fairly, with respect and dignity, while they work and study here in DCU. If you feel you’ve been the victim of bullying or harassment, or if you’ve witnessed such an incident, please feel free to report the incident to the Equality Office. They will deal with your query in a discreet and confidential manner.

T: (01) 700 6300
E: paul.smith@dcu.ie
Location: CG67, Henry Grattan

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The Disability & Learning Support Service

Promoting equality of access and opportunities.

The DCU Disability Service’s key objective is to promote equality of access and opportunities to students with disabilities, ranging from physical disabilities to learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and mental health issues. The service provides information on disability related issues in DCU as well as various forms of support to students registered with the service such as learning supports, assistive technology, financial support and more.

T: (01) 700 5927
E: disability.service@dcu.ie
Location: DCU Business School, Room QAG08

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Information Systems & Support (ISS)

Help with your email account, username or password.

The main reasons that you may need to contact ISS are for help with your email account, username or password. There is a help desk located on the ground floor of the Library, which acts as a central point for student support.

T: (01) 700 5007
E: helpdesk@dcu.ie
Location: Library

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The Chaplaincy

In the Interfaith Centre.

The Chaplaincy is located in the Interfaith Centre, next to the Hub. Students and staff are welcome to come and talk with one of the Chaplains or simply to relax with friends in comfortable surroundings or to avail of the hospitality and liturgical services. The Centre is open to all denominations as well as those who are simply looking for a quiet space to relax.

T: (01) 700 5268
E: joe.jones@dcu.ie
Location: Interfaith Centre

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Careers Service

Helping you manage your career.

The Careers Service helps students and recent graduates to manage their careers (set realistic goals, make informed career decisions and develop the skills necessary to accomplish their goals) by offering a range of professional services including careers information, education, advice and guidance.

T: (01) 700 5163
E: careers@dcu.ie
Location: CG28, Henry Grattan

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The campus residences.

If you would like to apply for a place on campus, if you are seeking information on the type of accommodation available or the cost, if you require subsidised or accessible accommodation or if you would like advice about finding accommodation off campus, then you can contact Campus Residences.

T: (01) 700 5736
E: campus.residences@dcu.ie
Location: Sports Complex

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Access Services

Increasing participation in higher education.

Dublin City University’s Access Service co-ordinates a range of programmes aimed at increasing participation in higher education by students who for a variety of financial or social reasons do not view going to university as a viable or attractive option.

T: (01) 700 8052
E: colette.keogh@dcu.ie
Location: CG80, Henry Grattan

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Academic Staff

Teaching staff in your departments.

If you have queries about your course or modules (e.g. exam weighting, compensation, continuous assessments, deadlines, timetabling etc.) then don’t forget that you can contact your lecturers or the Chairperson of your course. These people should be available to answer your questions and are often the best source of information on course specific issues.

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Students’ Union

Students' Union Staff and Services

Your Students’ Union is a one-stop-shop for any questions you may have about any aspect of your life here in DCU. You can come to us for advice or info on academic matters such as exams, appeals, changing modules, deferrals, difficulties with a lecturer, grinds etc. But we’re also here to help if you’re experiencing problems at home or in your personal life. If you’re feeling stressed or upset, if you need advice and you don’t know who to go to or even if you just want to chat, then you’re always welcome to come and talk to us.
All of our details are listed below and don’t forget that your Class Rep and Faculty Convenor are also there to help you out with class or faculty specific issues.

Your Union:

Lorna Finnegan – Vice President /Welfare Officer welfare@dcusu.ie T: 087 9682903.

Ciaran O’Connor – Vice President/Education Officer education@dcusu.ie T: 017005546

Aaron Clogher – President president@dcusu.ie T: 017005279

Kenneth Browne – Clubs Officer

Eve Kerton – Societies Officer

Fionnuala Moran – Humanities and Social Sciences Convenor

Ian Kavanagh – Engineering and Computing Convenor

Conor Palin-Stewart – Science and Health Convenor

Alan Prendergast – Business Convenor

Please read on for details on all of the support services in DCU. They are listed alphabetically.

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Education services

Education services

This department can be contacted if you want borrow audio visual equipment such as laptops, video recorders, tripods, projectors etc. Education Services also provide cartridge recycling, room booking and video conferencing services as well as telephone and timetable information.

T: (01) 700 5410 (Audio Visual Services)
E: robert.duffy@dcu.ie
T: (01) 700 5247 (Room Bookings)
E: valerie.davitt@dcu.ie

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The Counselling and Personal Development Service

The Counselling and Personal Development Service

The Counselling and Personal Development Service is a professional and confidential service, which is available to all registered DCU students (both at under graduate and post graduate levels) free of charge. The service is staffed by qualified and experienced counselling psychologist/psychotherapist. The service aims to address personal and social issues that hinder a student’s academic performance in a non judgmental manner. The counsellor will work with you to develop more effective responses to difficulties, enabling problem solving and decision making while enhancing self awareness.

If you have a difficulty, don’t sit on it, do something about it sooner rather than later…Please Talk… make that call or send that email for an appointment.

Remember it’s good to talk!

T: (01) 700 5165 (Marie)
E: counselling@dcu.ie
Location: Room CG72 Ground Floor Henry Grattan
Web: www.dcu.ie/students/counselling

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